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Tell CPP Investments it’s time to take climate action

A young woman standing alone with the caption "My Money, My Say! The CPP is not a tax deduction, it's your investment.

Join with Friends of the Earth by sending your letter to the federal minister of finance demanding that she protect our investments by ensuring any new members appointed to the CPP Investments Board have expertise in climate change and experience in renewal energy and other climate solutions!

It’s time to ban glyphosate: a call to action to Canadians and residents of Canada

tractor spraying glyphosate on field crop

The science is clear to us that glyphosate is harming our health and the environment, but pesticide regulators are still “monitoring” the science and refusing to take action.

Film producer, Jennifer Baichwal, filed a citizen’s petition to Parliament to ban glyphosate and to reduce pesticides use. For 120 days, until January 13, 2023, residents of Canada can take action by signing Petition e-4127. Once presented to Parliament, the Minister of Health must respond to the petition.

Let It Bee

Gardens provide critical habitats for wild, native bees and to help protect them, we must change gardening practices.

Concerned citizens & organizations – sign on to the petition!


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