Take Action

Save money and the planet by taking plastic-free lunches

Friends of the Earth’s 11-year old Plastics Campaigner, Maya, is calling on students, parents, and teachers to join her in getting rid of single use plastics in school lunches. Maya has calculated that could avoid pollution by 4,656 pieces of single-use plastic over the school year. At the same time, it could save their families money on their grocery bills – as much as $716 over the school year. Friends of the Earth’s Plastic-Free Lunch Campaign will kick-off in October 2023, and we’re inviting schools, classrooms, and Eco-Clubs  across Canada to join and participate in the campaign by taking action with their school community during October 2023 and/or February 2024.

Stop plastic companies from trying to weaken Global Plastic Treaty negotiations

The plastic companies are instructing their employees to participate in the federal government’s consultation on the legally binding Global Plastic Treaty in order to weaken Canada’s negotiating stance on plastic pollution. The only way to prevent industry from succeeding is to overwhelm Environment and Climate Change Canada with Canadians calling for a strong position on ending plastic production and consumption.

Numbers count! We really need your help to insist the Canada takes a strong position against plastic pollution – send your letter to Minister Guilbeault.

Join us in calling for a comprehensive plan to reduce pesticide use by 50% by 2030. 

Right now (summer 2023), the federal government is preparing its plan to reduce risk from pesticides by 50% by 2030 under Target Seven of the Biodiversity Strategy for Canada.  The pesticide companies are spending big money on lobbyists and advertising to undermine Canada’s reduction target – they’re saying that only by using more pesticides will we assure food security. Public pressure is the only tool we have to make sure the key programs are put in place to deliver measurable pesticide reduction. Join us in calling for a comprehensive plan to reduce pesticide use by 50% by 2030. 

Join Maya’s Plastic Pollution Campaign to ban plastic PLU stickers in Canada

Ten year-old Maya and Friends of the Earth launched Maya’s Plastic Pollution Campaign. Its goal was to raise awareness of plastic price look-up stickers (PLUs) on fruits and vegetables and the ways in which they can harm our environment, and to call on the federal government to include these stickers under an expansion of the country’s single-use plastics ban. #ExpandTheBan.

Tell CPP Investments it’s time to take climate action

A young woman standing alone with the caption "My Money, My Say! The CPP is not a tax deduction, it's your investment.

Join with Friends of the Earth by sending your letter to the federal minister of finance demanding that she protect our investments by ensuring any new members appointed to the CPP Investments Board have expertise in climate change and experience in renewal energy and other climate solutions!

Let It Bee

Gardens provide critical habitats for wild, native bees and to help protect them, we must change gardening practices.