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Canadian Government Set to Review Glyphosate and All Pesticide Regulation in Major U-Turn

Sustainable Pulse | Aug 6, 2021

The pesticide industry’s attempt to increase the legal levels of glyphosate (Roundup) in Canadian food has been paused after a public outcry. In a major shift in pesticide policy, the Government of Canada is hitting the pause button to suspend decisions on maximum residue levels (MRLs) for glyphosate and any other pesticide under MRLs consideration until independent science is available and considered.

A glimmer of hope

CBA/ABC National | May 3, 2021

The carbon pricing ruling at the SCC is a partial victory for equality-seeking groups. But will it be interpreted in a manner that is equality affirming and aligned with climate justice?

National Poll Shows Over 40 Percent of Canadians Are Self-Described Climate Voters

Niagara At Large | October 8, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis and Climate Crisis both important, finds Friends of the Earth, one of the world’s longest lasting environmental organizations

A real climate-emergency plan must address inequality

iPolitics | October 15, 2020

In the recent global fires, floods and droughts, it’s women who have borne the brunt of climate catastrophe.

Environmental group accuses CPP of breaking its rules with third-party donations in U.S.

Global News | September 28, 2020

The Canada Pension Plan is overlooking its own rules that say its money cannot be used for political ends, says Friends of the Earth Canada.

The Climate Crisis Will Kill Women First

The Tyee | November 15, 2019

Two organizations want the Supreme Court to recognize the lethal vulnerability of girls and women to a changing planet.

Politicians need to tackle plastics pollution, according to Friends of the Earth poll

Recycling Product News | October 9, 2019

Poll findings a powerful indicator of public anxiety about plastics pollution

Bombus is about, the count is on

Empire-Advance | September 1, 2019

Bees are a critical part of food security

You flush me, you #FlushMeNot: Environmental network calls for investigation into flushable wipes

Victoria News | August 28, 2019

Canada’s Competition Bureau is digging into complaints that companies that market “flushable” wipes are making false claims about their products.

Competition bureau investigating claims made by makers of ‘flushable’ wipes

The Star | August 28, 2019

Canada’s Competition Bureau is digging into complaints that companies that market “flushable” wipes are making false claims about their products.

Friends Of The Earth Canada Urges Competition Bureau To Act After Study Calls BS On ‘Flushable’ Wipes

Huffington Post | May 1, 2019

[Friends of the Earth Canada] says companies are taking advantage of customers with the claim.

Oh Canada! How Canada’s largest pension fund is financing drilling along Colorado’s Front Range

The Colorado Independent | March 22, 2019

In a new twist to an old narrative, the foreign interloper in this story is Canada, and the area being despoiled is the United States. Specifically, Boulder County, Colorado.

Canada ‘dead wrong’ to allow use of weedkiller glyphosate: American lawyers

The Globe & Mail | January 30, 2019

American lawyers who successfully sued the makers of the glyphosate-based weedkiller Roundup on behalf of a man dying of cancer say Canada is “dead wrong” to allow it to be widely used here.

Pesticides get most blame for bee deaths, survey suggests

CBC News | June 27, 2017

Margo McDiarmid of CBC News spoke with CEO Beatrice Olivastri about our new national survey and what Canadians think – and know – about wild, native bees

Multinationals descend on Parliament as feds review pesticide ban

National Observer | March 7, 2017

Riley Sparks of the National Observer caught up with Senior Policy Advisor John Bennett regarding the imidacloprid review, who shared his thoughts on the “slow motion ban”