Join Maya’s Plastic Pollution Campaign for kids and families and teachers

Ten year-old Maya is very worried about plastic pollution harming wildlife. She knows that plastic pollution chokes river, lakes and ocean, poisons wildlife and threatens our health.

In her own words, Maya says “Until I went to the grocery store with my mom and took pictures of price look up stickers, I had no idea there is so much plastic pollution on fresh produce! Even on garlic! Maybe grocery stores find PLUs helpful but why do they have to be plastic?”

Four easy steps to join and participate in the campaign:

  1. Sign the Pledge Form.
  2. Collect PLU stickers during March and April, 2023.
  3. Send your album of collected PLU stickers to your Member of Parliament between April 17 and May 7, 2023.
  4. Share your results with Maya and Friends of the Earth.

Help Maya and Friends of the Earth spread the word about the harms of plastic PLU stickers by sharing the campaign with family, friends and teachers, and beyond…

Maya’s Campaign Pledge

I want to help stop plastic pollution by joining Maya’s Campaign.

I will collect plastic Price Look Up stickers (PLUs) from our groceries.

I will send my collection to my Member of Parliament to show the need to #ExpandTheBan on single use plastics to include PLUs.

I will tell Maya and Friends of the Earth how many stickers I’ve collected and sent to my member of Parliament (MP).

Donate now to support FOE’s campaign to

Expand the Ban for single use plastics