Governments from much of the world are meeting in Glasgow at the UN Climate Conference of the Parties #26. You can watch live streaming of official events at COP26.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of COP26, boiled down his aspirations for the meeting to “Coal, Cars, Canopy (trees) and Cash.”

One Day One of COP 26, Prime Minister Trudeau stated: “In the same way that we’re all working together to end the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to bring that same sense of urgency to bear on the climate crisis and on biodiversity loss.”

But we want much more. We want an equitable transition out of fossil fuels. We want an end to fossil fuel subsidies and a cap on emissions from oil and gas producers.  On Wednesday, November 3, this year’s “A Fair Share Phase Out – Civil Society Equity Coalition will layout the details for an equitable phase out of fossil fuels”. We’ll send you the report.

Maybe you wonder how can we measure “success” at COP26?

Here’s the checklist Friends of the Earth and many other groups will use.

May I suggest you have a look at two reports by Friends of the Earth International that challenge themes that we see as dangerous distractions from what rich countries need to do to stay below the agreed 1.5 C temperature limits º nature-based solutions and net zero.


After 26 COPS, I still have hope that people of good will and the pressure of two weeks of negotiations can forge the commitments we need and kick start the action that must follow.

We will be in touch with suggested actions to support negotiators in the coming days.