No more violence, no more silence! Ni una menos!

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During this year, we have at times felt overwhelmed by our collective experiences of the patriarchal impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the current neoliberal crisis on women and other social groups in our societies.

In August, we held FoEI Feminist Frontlines discussion spaces in which we shared about the particular impacts of this global crisis on women. We are pleased to share with you today an article summarising these discussions:

As well as the economic work load and health impacts on women workers, carers, mothers, young girls, we are witnessing the brutal rise in violence and feminicide as directives to stay at home in all of our countries have been trapping many women and children in unsafe households with their aggressors.

Women – particularly women of colour and black, indigenous and migrant women and the LGBTQ population – are also experiencing increased violence and harassment in public spaces at the hands of the police, military or armed groups.

It is within this context that we rise up on 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, more determined than ever to resist and fight back against all forms of violence; systemic violence that is reproduced in women’s bodies, perpetuated through the sexual division of labour and used as a tool of control and domination within the patriarchal, capitalist system.

Violence and the threat of violence have no place in our federation fighting for social, gender, environmental and economic justice. On the 25th November, we therefore reaffirm our commitment to prevent violence and dismantle patriarchy for system change. Collectively we mobilise, organise, stand in solidarity with the feminist movement and raise our voices to say “No more violence, no more silence” and “Ni una menos” (a Latin American slogan meaning we will not accept even one more feminicide or aggression).

We encourage you to strengthen our commitment to prevent violence at regional, national and local levels through your activities and online communications. Please read and share widely the FoEI Feminist Frontlines article inspired by our discussions in August:

Feminist Frontlines article:



Dismantle patriarchy for system change!

In feminist solidarity,

Karin Nansen and the FoEI Gender Justice Dismantling Patriarchy Working Group

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