When I go yard saling this spring, I’ll be looking for Friends of the Earth Bee Cause signs!

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Spring has sprung and, in my home town, Chatham, Ontario, that means the yard sale circuit gets underway. I have wonderful memories of taking my mother and father out for a drive in the spring. Whether heading out to Lake Erie or just around town, Mom always checked out how the trees had survived the winter. We would not get very far before she would spot a yard sale and we would immediately stop and check out the offerings.

Dad would head for the books and Mom would head for anything to do with kids and kitchens. They both loved to look at antiques and would remark on items that used to be on the farm (honey pails) or in the parlour (piano stools). And always, always, we’d have a good look through old mason jars – could there possibly be a size or brand Mom didn’t already have?

They’re gone now and even though and I’m at a stage of life where de-acquisition is the rule, I can’t resist stopping and checking out the books and the mason jars.

My parents instilled in me a strong ethic for re-use and what we now call “re-purposing” or “up-cycling”. So what could be better than promoting that ethic along with my commitment to help save the bees?

Here in Ottawa, I’m reaching out to my co-op and neighbours proposing a yard sale that devotes 10% of proceeds to Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.

Then I got to thinking there might be lots of supports for our campaign through planning yard sales. So I asked our web wizard Erik Stolpmann to design a “Bee Cause Yard Sale Kit” .

He did a wonderful job with lots of different signage and price tags and a “to do” list – every thing you need to plan and advertise your sale.

Then I thought Friends of the Earth could help promote yard sales on our Facebook page.

And yes, I was thinking of the practice of tithing when I picked 10% as a good amount to donate from yard sales’ proceeds. Friends of the Earth’s Administrator Karen Cartier will be happy to provide a charitable receipt for whatever amount you can contribute to help save the bees.

I hope to visit some of those Chatham yard sales this summer with Joanne, Nancy, Caroline and other friends.

If you hold a yard sale where you include the Bee Cause, I hope you’ll share pictures. Happy yard-saling this spring and summer!

Why not order your free Bee Cause Yard Sale Kit?

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