Thank you for helping to stop climate change denial at the CPP

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We took a big step in a new direction in 2016 when we decided to redirect the Canada Pension Plan’s $300 billion fund away from climate change inducing investments. Winning this campaign could be the single most important advance in Canada’s fight against climate change. Your contribution can help make it happen.

With your voice, we’ve made a good start. We have gathered thousands of signatures on our petition and delivered thousands of emails to CCP Investment Board CEO Mark Machin.

Under Mr. Machin’s leadership, there has been no change in investment strategy and no evidence that CPP leadership sees the need to act on Canada’s climate commitments at Paris.

The CPP Investment Board is definitely in climate change denial – just consider its ongoing investments in fossil fuels and its antiquated climate change “engagement” policy – a PR plan that lets CPP continue to invest in oil fields, fracking and coal fired power plants.

Check out the patronizing letter from the CCPIB’s PR folks. It instructs us to read the CPPIB’s latest sustainability report. We think a better read is the list of investments which show the reality of CPP’s investments. Documenting Mr. Machin and his teams’ denial of climate change reality is a good start, but now we have to move to a new level of action.

With your help, we will increase the pressure for CPPIB to incorporate climate risk in its investments in 2017.  But campaigns cost money even when you are as frugal as Friends of the Earth Canada.

Will you help make sure that 2016 is the last year our CPPIB contributions are used to prop-up the fossil fuel industry?

If you can, please make a year-end tax creditable donation:

If you have already contributed, thank you so much. If it’s not possible to make a financial contribution in 2016, thank you for lending your voice to this important campaign.

Thank you for all your support and kind words.

All the best this holiday season and have a Happy New Year!