Put your garden to bed with saving the bees in mind

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As Thanksgiving is upon us, why not say a fervent thank you for all the good things bees do for us as they pollinate food and flowers, shrubs and trees.

You know pollinators need our help now – challenged by habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and introduced diseases, they are in decline even as we are learning how important they are to food security and biodiversity.

With your support we’re continuing to urge fundamental changes to how pesticides are regulated, including taking the government to court over neonicotinoids.  Working with our colleagues in 17 other national environment and conservation groups as the Green Budget Coalition, we’re urging the federal government to provide essential financing for science and scientists working to protect pollinators.

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And we couldn’t take on this influencing role without you and the thousands of other supporters who sign on to petitions and calls for action, such as the current one to use the Species at Risk Act to protect six at-risk bees.  If you haven’t signed this yet, please do so as soon as possible.

So, as you put your garden to bed, why not adopt “Let It Bee” techniques to make it more welcoming to wild, native bees?


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!   And if you find yourself humming “Let It Bee” while you’re putting your garden to bed, why not make a video and send it along to foe@foecanada.org or tweet it to us (@WildBeeTweets) with the hashtag #LetItBee2016.

Your donation to Friends of the Earth will ensure that we can continue this work to save the bees. Thank you.

All the best,
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Beatrice Olivastri, CEO
Friends of the Earth Canada

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