MPP Lalonde Introduces Legislation to Phase out Microbeads

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microbeadsOn March 9, 2015, MPP Marie- France Lalonde introduced a private member’s bill to ban the manufacture and use of microbeads in products in Ontario.

The Microbead Elimination and Monitoring Act would prohibit the manufacture of microbeads and the addition of microbeads to cosmetic and household products, while ensuring an analysis and examination of the presence of microbeads in the Great Lakes.

Microbeads are typically added to cosmetic and household products such as body washes, facial scrubs, and toothpastes, and are wreaking havoc on our water system. When washed down the drain, microbeads are too small to be captured by wastewater treatment plants, and often flow directly into our lakes and rivers. The plastic beads soak up toxins, and are eaten by aquatic life, entering the food chain.

The bill passed second reading on Thursday March 12, and has been referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. If the bill passes it will come into effect within two years, making Ontario the first jurisdiction in Canada to ban microbeads.

Friends of the Earth thanks MPP Marie-France Lalonde for introducing this important bill. We request your help to ensure the bill is passed. Send our letter below to MPP Lalonde and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray to thank them for ensuring this bill is passed and enforced to protect Canada’s waters and wildlife.

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