Recommendation for PMRA: Ban Neonicotinoids

Posted By: Friends of the Earth Canada Comments Off on Recommendation for PMRA: Ban Neonicotinoids

“After the 2012 bee deaths, PMRA instituted measures that have been ineffective given a comparable scale of bee deaths in 2013. Friends of the Earth views the measures proposed in this Notice of Intent to be similarly inadequate to the scale and gravity of the danger posed by neonicotinoids to managed and wild bees.”

Friends of the Earth Canada has filed a Comment on the Pest Management Regulation Agency’s “Notice of Intent (NOI2013-01) Action to Protect Bees from Exposure to Neonicotinoid Pesticides” stating it is inadequate and will only result in another massive bee die-off in Spring 2014.  Friends of the Earth Canada is urging the PMRA to act quickly to suspend the use of neonicotinoids for further research, and to help protect honey bees and other wild pollinators.

To see FOE’s Comment, click here.

Friends of the Earth Canada hosted Dave Goulson, a bee expert from the U.K. to discuss his experience in help facilitate the suspension of neonics with Canadian decision makers and scientists.

We have created a series of videos to help inform everyone about the use of neonics, the effects it has on bees and other pollinators, and the dangers of using them.

Video One: Introduction to Dave, discussing how he became involved in bees and neonicotinoids:

Video Two: Dave explaining the levels of toxicity of neonics, and how bees and pollinators will build a resistance to the prophylactic use of them, rendering them useless:

Video Three: Dave discusses the impacts neonicotinoids have on yield and what farmers can do to make their crops and farms more bee-friendly.

Video Four: Dave tells us about the various stresses bees undergo each season.  These include; starvation, disease and, of course, pesticides.

Video Five: Neonics do not just disappear with the crop, Dave tell us about how the systemic qualities of the pesticide.



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