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A haunting image of a mountain engulfed in flames, casting an eerie glow in the dark, with smoke billowing into the sky. In the foreground, a city is illuminated against the ominous backdrop, and a tranquil lake reflects the devastation. The image fades away into a white overlay from the right side as if someone is trying to erase it through a brush stroke as symbol of taking action towards a different future.

Is this the future you want for your children and your grand children – increasing wildfires, floods, and hurricanes?

In 2023, a staggering 18.5 million hectares of land burned, destroying homes and causing thousands to flee the flames. It was the worst wildfire year on record in Canada and the hottest year on record globally.

Donate to help Friends of the Earth fight against climate disasters and the polluters responsible for them.

If you’ve experienced catastrophic climate change, please share your stories to help build evidence of harm.

How I survived catastrophic climate change in Canada

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A donation to support Friends of the Earth's climate action campaign will receive a tax creditable receipt.

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