Tell the Feds you want strong environmental laws

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Friends of the Earth has joined with other environmental groups across the country to insist that the government fulfill its promise for strong environmental laws.  Here’s the situation.

Bill C-69 — the omnibus bill covering EA (now called Impact Assessment), the Canadian Energy Regulator Act and the Navigable Waters Act — has gone to committee and witnesses are being called to testify.  (The Fisheries Act has not gone to committee yet so we’ll let you know when that happens in the near future.)

On May 7, the bill will go to “clause by clause”. That’s when members vote on which amendments to include in the bill. The committee will be in “clause by clause” till May 22.

So before May 7, we need your help for a last push.

Will you help insist the federal government fulfill its promise for strong environmental laws by reaching out to your MP and two key Ministers?

Each of the links below provides stories and insights on the concerns still to be addressed and links for you to take action by calling or letter writing.

For further detail on outstanding issues as identified by many environmental groups in Canada, have a read of this compilation provided by Prof. Bob Gibson from UWaterloo.


Thanks for your help!

Beatrice Olivastri


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