Show your love for bees this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine e-card to Minister McKenna

We’re asking you to show your love for bees this Valentine’s Day by sending Canada’s Beekeeper-in-Chief (a.k.a. Minister Catherine McKenna) this Valentine’s Day e-card.

Help us in this great warm and fuzzy ask (like the bumble bees themselves) to a new government committed to restoring the rightful place of science and scientists in decision-making.

Join Friends of the Earth in asking Environment Minister McKenna to take action right away to protect four at-risk wild bees – the Gypsy Cuckoo Bumble Bee, the Western Bumble Bee occidentalis and mckayi and the Macropis Cuckoo Bee.

Then tell all your friends to send their Valentine too!

Complete the form below to send your Valentine e-card today saying that it’s time to show wild bees some love.  It’s time to act on the scientists’ advice and legally protect four at-risk wild bees.


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  1. Irene Warmenhoven says:

    Food is getting more expensive as yields are poor from drought and climate changes. When our bees are gone what will we do? We must look at what is more important jobs and spraying of our forests for high lumber yields or food ? Spraying kills BOTH good and bad bugs and bees! Who will represent us if NOT our own Government!

  2. James K Wood says:

    All insects are endangered or at risk and consequently the whole food web

  3. John Leach says:

    pollination ia an integral part of our food production,and bees are truely “canaries in the coal mine”.
    farmers must embrace organi\c farming,so that our bodies don’t acculuate pesticides,so that bees can do what they do best….
    poliinate our crops and add to the biodiversity of our threatened planet.