Join the Plastic-Free Lunch Day of Action

The Plastic-Free Lunch Day of Action campaign empowers students, parents, and teachers to effect positive change in their school community by raising awareness of single-use plastic pollution.

Three objectives:

Raise awareness about single-use plastic pollution.

Survey and compare how much single-use plastic is in your school (home, office) by conducting 1) a baseline survey, and 2) a Day of Action survey.

Share the results of your surveys with your school, Friends of the Earth, politicians, and the media.

In your resources toolkit you will find instructions for conducting a survey of single-use plastic waste from home lunches along with advice on how to share results to advocate for positive change.

Receive this free resources toolkit when you join the campaign:

Maya’s Plastic-Free Lunch Study
Single-use Plastics Survey How To
How to pack a Plastic-Free Lunch
Rice Krispies Squares Recipe and Cost Comparison
Pollution in Canada Inforgraphic
Sample letter to send to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and your local Member of Parliament.

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