Volunteer with Friends of the Earth Canada

Our Volunteers Make the Difference

Join the team at Friends of the Earth Canada! Whether you can help us with work on a specific campaign, or help manage things in our office day-to-day, you can contribute by volunteering.

We’ll aim to match you with a role that excites you and makes the most of your skills, while giving you an opportunity to learn something new.

Our 2020 volunteers (left to right):

Alexandra Mullen, Adam Bordignon, Joelle Gavazzi-April, Michael Damyanovich, Alison Greenspoon and Johanna Jergen

Interested in a Specific Campaign?

All volunteers are strongly encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with Friends of the Earth Canada’s campaigns and initiatives. Volunteer opportunities will be mentioned in the newsletter as they arise.

You can also fill in our volunteer form below so that your contact information is added to our volunteer directory. Volunteer opportunities will be emailed to you as they come up, so be sure to connect with us now so we can connect with you later.

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