Let It Bee

The Problem

More than two-thirds of our food crops depend on bees. But Canada, like the rest of the world, is losing its bees to habitat loss, pesticides, climate change and disease. Honey bees have loyal keepers to speak for them. Wild native bees need a voice too. You can be their voice.

But you can help if you just Let It Bee!

Community gardens, parks and landscaped areas are important places for wild native bees. Canada has more than 800 species of wild, native bees 40 of which are bumble bees. Your own backyard could have 50 different species of wild native bees.

Gardens provide critical habitats for wild, native bees and to help protect them, we must change gardening practices. By taking a “Let It Bee” approach, we can make our gardens into safe places where bees can thrive in any season.

Here are four easy fall actions to make the most of this great planting season and reduce your garden clean up:

Did you know that there are also a wide variety of bee-friendly flowers and other plants that you can add to your Let It Bee garden?