Tell CPP Investments it's time to take climate action

A young woman standing alone with the caption "My Money, My Say! The CPP is not a tax deduction, it's your investment.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) deductions are collected by the government and given to CPP Investments, an independent crown corporation tasked with investing our money on behalf of Canadians. The fund has grown to $523 billion making it one of the largest pension funds in the world.

Rather than use its huge power to help move Canada to a green economy, CPP Investments has chosen to support the polluting fossil fuel-based economy, while claiming climate change is important.

CPP Investments is managed by a Board of Directors appointed by the federal Finance Minister in conjunction with provincial and territorial Ministers of Finance.  Unfortunately, the majority of

the board members have long-standing associations with the fossil fuel industry and the banks that fund them. There is no apparent climate change or renewable energy expertise on the Board.

Join with Friends of the Earth by sending your letter to the federal minister of finance demanding that she protect our investments by ensuring any new members appointed to the CPP Investments Board have expertise in climate change and experience in renewal energy and other climate solutions!

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