What would an independent panel of scientists say about Canada’s continuing use of glyphosate?

We’ll never know unless we fight to uphold Canadians’ right to participate in decision-making about risky pesticides that impact our health and the environment.


The case relates to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) 2017 decision to continue allowing the use of glyphosate, a probable carcinogen that is found in some of the most widely used pesticides in Canada, including Roundup. In 2019, PMRA turned down the Notices of Objection from FOE and eight other groups calling for an independent review panel on their re-registration decision. One group, Safe Food Matters, called for a judicial review of PMRA’s decision. The court decided against them but also slammed the door shut on future opportunities for the public to make use of Notices of Objection.

A Victory!

Beatrice Olivastri, CEO, Friends of the Earth Canada said:

This important Court decision is about protecting individuals and the environment from harm by pest control products which are designed to kill.  It reaffirms the important role citizens were given 20 years ago by Parliament when they last overhauled the Pest Control Products Act.

Friends of the Earth has grave concerns about the safety of the products containing glyphosate as their active ingredient that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency PMRA has allowed into Canada. There is a lack of confidence in PMRA’s assessment of glyphosate. As a minimum, a review panel of independent scientists is essential to building any public confidence in PMRA.



FOE wants to make sure that Canadians continue to have the right to challenge PMRA’s assessment of not only glyphosate but any pest control products in our stores, in our fields and gardens and in our food. The earlier decision on Safe Food Matters’ appeal slammed the door on that right. We cannot let this decision stand. It could affect many other pesticide challenges in the works.


Together, we have the opportunity to keep this vital channel for democracy open for future pesticides battles. However, it takes funds to undertake research and to cover legal costs. Can you make a gift to Friends of the Earth Canada?

For this case, FOE has partnered with David Suzuki Foundation and Environmental Defence Canada to ask Ecojustice for legal representation. It is an effective and cost efficient way to tackle complex legal challenges. You can be sure that your donation will make an impact.


Earlier this year, FOE filed a Notice of Objection on the PMRA’s flip flop decision to not ban Imidacloprid, a neonicotinoid that is toxic to bees, birds, and butterflies as well as aquatic life and human life. We may need to take the same route calling for a judicial review if PMRA dismisses our concerns. 2022 will be an important year for challenging PMRA on neonics and glyphosate residues in food.

Your donation can be a huge help:

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