Market Action on Neonics


Canadian garden retailers taking action:

  • Home Depot commits to neonic-free plants by 2018; currently 80% plants on sale are neonic-free.
  • Art Knapp Plantland has told its suppliers they will no longer accept nursery plants treated with neonicotinoids.
  • Lowes is phasing out the sale of products that contain neonic pesticides by 2019.
  • Rona – plants on offer at big-box stores are 95% neonic-free.
  • Sheridan has asked its plant suppliers to confirm if their plants are Neonicotinoid free, and has confirmed that all plants grown by Sheridan are neonic-free.


Statements from other retailers on neonicotinoids:


Canadian garden centre retailers act on neonicotinoids:

Retailer Statements on Neonicotinoids



The information in the chart above has been collected from corporate statements, email correspondence, in-store visits, and news releases. If you notice any discrepancies between what we have reported above and what you have experienced in store, please let us know by emailing foe[at]foecanada[dot]org. We will update this chart as new information becomes available, and as retailers move to make further changes!


Full detail summary of retailer actions on neonicotinoids: 

Canadian Tire

  • Does not currently sell any off-the-shelf pesticides that include neonicotinoid pesticides. 
  • Is working with more than 400 local Canadian growers to develop a system that will allow Canadian Tire customers to identify live plants that may have been treated with neonicotinoid pesticides, with the system expected to be unveiled towards the end of 2015.
  • Canadian Tire continues to monitor information on neonicotinoid pesticides and to work with industry, vendors and regulators to reduce any impacts to the environment.

Home Depot

  • Requires its suppliers to label any plants treated withneonicotinoids.
  • Complete phase out in 2018; currently 80% plants neonic-free.

Home Hardware

  • Distribution centres do not carry products with neonicotinoids.
  • Working to educate Home Hardware Dealer-Owners on neonicotinoids link to honey bee mortalities.


  • Has consulted with the grower community about alternative products and treatments.
  • Has considered a labelling program to address growing consumer awareness.
  • Continues to work with their vendors, industry partners and experts in the field to address this challenge.


  • Committed to include greater organic and non-neonic product selections.
  • Will phase out the sale of products that contain neonic pesticides by 2019 as suitable alternatives become commercially available.
  • Working with growers to eliminate the use of neonic pesticides on the plants they sell.
  • Encouraging growers to use biological control programs.
  • Educating employees and customers through in-store resources such as brochures, fact sheets and product labels.
  • Providing expanded, related content on their website to help educate customers.
  • Funding pollinator gardens through their partnership with Keep America Beautiful.


  • Encouraging its suppliers to reduce the use of these insecticides and by better informing its clients, namely via its website and through signs posted in its corporate stores.
  • In 2015 70% of all plants sold in corporate RONA and Réno-Dépôt stores were grown without any neonicotinoids.
  • In 2016, all of the company’s plant suppliers will be required to clearly identify their products as containing or not containing neonicotinoids.
  • Employees are able to check the SKU numbers on plants to determine if they have been treated with neonicotinoids, up until the labelling system is in place *disclosed via personal conversation with FOE.

Art Knapp Plantland

  • Art Knapp Plantland has told its suppliers they will no longer accept nursery plants treated with neonicotinoids.
  • They have been working with their 500+ suppliers to find out which ones are still using neonicotinoids.
  • They have not yet set a target date yet, but Art Knapp has stated that they are committed to one day carrying only plants that are neonictinoid-free.

Sheridan Nurseries  

  • All plants grown by Sheridan Nurseries are Neonic-free, and Sheridan’s main bedding plant supplier, Linwell Gardens, is Neonic-free.
  • Sheridan has embarked on a program to ask all of their plant suppliers to confirm in writing if their plants are Neonicotinoid free.
  • Sheridan is promoting bee friendly annuals and flowering shrubs.