Create Your Own Bee & Bee Space




More than two-thirds of food crops we eat depend on native bees, honey bees and other pollinators to successfully produce a crop. But all around the world, intensified agriculture and its accompanying loss of habitat, along with the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides, has taken a toll on the bee population.

In Canada, there are more than 800 species of native bees of which 40 are bumble bees. But Canada’s bee numbers are also seeing a sharp decline due to habitat loss, climate change, insecticide use and disease. Honey bees have loyal beekeepers to represent their interests. But native bees need a voice too. You can be their voice.


Create Your Own Bee & Bee


Community gardens, parks and landscaped areas are increasingly important places for wild, native bees. Scientists say there may be as many as 50 species of native bees in the average backyard garden. Many bee species burrow in the ground or use hollow plant stems for homes.

You can help Canada’s 40 species of bumble bees by creating bed & breakfast accommodation right in your backyard or even on your balcony. You’ll find they, in turn, will help you with better results in your garden.

Better still, once you find bumble bees visiting your Bee & Bee, join in The Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count to help scientists learn about your bumble bee visitors.



image_bee-and-bee_cover Create Your Own Bed and Breakfast for Bumble Bees Guide – follow this how to guide to your own Bee & Bee for some of Canada’s 40 species of bumble bees!





Designated Bee & Bee Yard Sign – download the designated yard sign to tell your neighbours and friends that you’ve created a Bee & Bee to help save the bees!




Create your own Bee & Bee Mini Guide – highlights what you need to know in order to create and maintain your Bee & Bee!





Bee & Bee Friendly Blooms by Season– follow our chart which lists bee-friendly plants, trees and shrubs and when they bloom!

Plant Big Smile Dwarf Sunflower –  – the bumble bees love it!  Planting a dwarf sunflower variety such as “Big Smile” gives bumble bees lots of food over several seasons.

Plant Borage –  – a favourite plant of honeybees, bumble bees and small native bees. It is a hardy annual herb – extremely easy to grow from seed.

Plant BeeBalm – as the name suggests, bees love this bright and colourful flower, as will you! It’s easy to grow, needs little attention and the flowers can even be made into a delicious tea.

Plant Echinacea – it attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds galore! It is one of the more hardy plants, and replants itself every spring! It is also very happy to live in a pot-condo dwellers rejoice!

Create a Bee Home – While bumblebees are a little pickier on their space, creating a bee home means you may be hosting up to 100 bumblebees in your backyard. Your flowers will thank you for the TLC these bees will provide!