Do you want to pay oil companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions?

There is not much time to influence the Committees questions to Mr. Kruger – he testifies on Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17th and we really need your help.

Ask the Natural Resources and Environment Committees members to challenge Suncor’s Mr. Kruger with this question:

“Why should a company projected to make more than $10 billion profit this year be paid not to pollute?


The following Committees members will receive your message:

Environment Committee:  Francis Scarpaleggia, Dan Mazier, Monique Pauzé, Shafqat Ali, Sophie Chatel, Laurel Collins, Gérard Deltell, Michael Kram, Branden Leslie, Lloyd Longfield, Leah Taylor Roy, Adam van Koeverden.

Natural Resources Committee:  George Chahal, Shannon Stubbs, Mario Simard, John Aldag, Charlie Angus, Julie Dabrusin, Earl Dreeshen, Ted Falk, Yvonne Jones, Viviane Lapointe, Jeremy Patzer, Francesco Sorbara.

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