Insist on accountability by the CPPIB

Please send a letter to Heather Munroe-Blum (Chair, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board) and Mark Machin (CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board).

You can read more about how the Canada Pension Plan gave US$600,000 to Republicans and you can also register to attend the Regional Meetings to learn about how your CPP contributions are being invested.

Below are our five recommendations to make the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board accountable to Canadians:

  1. That all significant investments require an Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) and that all ESG Reports be made public.
  2. That the CPPIB and all business entities it controls (public and private) be prohibited from contributing to political campaigns or industry associations involved in political campaigns in Canada and globally. Political campaigns should include, but not be limited to elections, ballot propositions, referendums or other means of influencing government decisions.
  3. That the CPPIB be prohibited from investing in or creating private corporations not subject to public reporting.
  4. That the CPPIB be required to recognize that the Government of Canada has declared a climate emergency and conduct a 1.5 degree stress test on the fund and present a plan to manage climate risk to the Parliament of Canada.
  5. And finally, that the CPPIB staff involved with Crestone Peak Resources repay the US$600,000 political contribution.