Give thanks for the harvest and the bees

Thanksgiving this year will be unlike the past when we could gather with family and friends.  Depending on where you live, you might be advised to limit the folks around your table to just the people with whom you live. But you can still appreciate the bountiful harvest we have in Canada and choose your favourites for a special meal.

If you have a fondest for pumpkin pie as part of your Thanksgiving tradition, you might give thanks to wild, native bees for their role in our harvest. The squash bee, for example, is a wild, native bee that pollinates Cucurbita crops such as pumpkins, squash and gourds.  It makes its home in the soil – and it’s threatened, therefore, by pesticide residues from neonics which build up in the soil.  We need to do better than poisoning the homes, in this case, the soil, of the very creatures essential for growing our food.

If you’d like to let friends and family know you’re thinking of them by sending a card, have a look at our Thanksgiving eco-cards via Don’ You can send the cards to up to 100 people, all for one donation of your choice.