Help us keep the pressure on – refer to our list below of actions YOU can take to say no to neonicotinoids. Together we can convince garden centres to stop selling neonic-contaminated plants!


BeeCause_bee_2017As you enjoy spring and visit garden centres, ask them – are their plants neonic-free? If they don’t know, ask them to find out for you. If the plants are labelled, make sure they say that they are free of neonicotinoids.


BeeCause_bee_2017Download and print copies of the Say No To Neonics post card to leave at garden centres or share a digital card with your networks, as well as friends and family!


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Please share your plant buying experiences with Friends of the Earth, and we’ll feature you on our Garden Centre Stories page!


Share a digital card with your friends and family
Download and print copies of the Say No To Neonics post card to leave at garden centres

Bottom line:
Don’t buy unless you know that the plants are neonic-free!