With your help, Friends of the Earth is fighting to save the bees – honey bees and wild, native bees are suffering from exposure to neonicotinoid pesticides present in the pollen and nectar they collect. Many wild bees are affected by neonic residues right in the soil in which they build their nests.

Friends of the Earth Canada has had a big impact on garden centres – in 2019, after five years of work, we finally could report the big box garden centres and other major nurseries have removed neonics from the flowering plants they sell.  Thousands of people donated for the testing and campaigning needed to deliver this success! Thank you for all your support.

But now we need your help to keep the heat on our federal pesticide regulator, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).

Even though it identified “unacceptable risk” to bees from neonics, PMRA is delaying the phase out of one of the neonics pesticide products for up to two years – that’s two more years to use a pesticide that clearly harms bees!

Friends of the Earth and three other groups, represented by Ecojustice, will be in court December 5 and 6 challenging PMRA’s decision that allowed two additional years of using the neonic called “thiamethoxam.”  And we must prepare for the next major announcement on neonics coming in March or April – we may need to object if PMRA does not act on the “unacceptable risks” to aquatic insects!

Please consider an exceptional donation to FOE’s Bee Cause campaign this Giving Tuesday.

Your gift will support legal action toward banning neonics, continuing market campaigns to ensure safe flowering plants for your garden and education programs such as FOE’s Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count.