GMOs Out of our Food and the Environment
Although the biotechnology industry has promised to benefit farmers and consumers with revolutionary new products, it has had disastrous impacts including contamination of the food supply with illegal StarLink corn, lost exports due to widespread consumer rejection, and lawsuits by biotech companies against farmers. Friends of the Earth supports the right of countries to ban or otherwise restrict the introduction of Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs).
Pollution Regulation Enforcement Campaign
Whether through ignorance, blind neglect or outright negligence the magnitude of polluting activity in Canada is mind-boggling!It’s supposedly controlled, reduced or terminated through the enforcement of Canada’s 27 environmental regulations and 8 provisions of the Fisheries Act.   Alongside Sierra Legal Defence Fund and other like-minded organizations, FOE works on precedent setting Supreme Court cases to protect the Polluter Pays Principle and ensure enforcement of pollution laws!
Global Environmental Justice Campaign
FOE’s Global Environmental Justice campaign considers what we consume, and the way we get it, and the important implications for people living beyond Canadian borders. The goods that are produced abroad for import into Canada, as well as the activities of Canadian corporations overseas, have a direct effect on workers, communities and ecosystems in other countries.
Safe Water Campaign
Shortage of good quality fresh water is a global problem second in importance only to global warming. Human activities are already withdrawing nearly half of all fresh water reasonably available. Even in Canada, a water-rich nation by any standard, lack of quality control for drinking water has caused death and illness in several communities; some provinces suffer chronic shortages of water for agriculture; and almost everywhere capital costs for infrastructure to supply fresh water and to treat wastewater water are growing.


Life is a Flyway

  Friends of the Earth (FOE) Canada’s Life is a Flyway, is a campaign to protect a unique ritual of renewal – the annual journey by hundreds of species of birds from the northern nurseries of the Arctic to the breeding grounds of the Amazon and back.
Clean Air and Energy
    Just 40 days into Ontario’s new open electricity market, Friends of the Earth Canada (FOE) is launching an important new initiative – the Green Electricity Leaders’ Coalition of Ontario (GELCO) – with the participation of key charter members.Focused on business, governments and institutions, the GELCO program will recognize and promote leadership through the purchase of green electricity by commercial electricity customers.


Clean Air CampaignFriends of the Earth believes that consumers can make choices now to buy lower sulphur gasoline in advance of the regulation deadlines. By revealing the sulphur levels from refiners, Friends of the Earth is assisting citizens to purchase the cleanest gas available.