Friends of the Earth Canada’s campaigns focus on the most pressing environmental issues affecting people and the planet. Our work is supported by people across Canada who are concerned about the health of the environment and the well-being of future generations.




The Bee Cause

The Bee Cause calls for a ban on bee harmful pesticides and practices while proposing and delivering practical ways to help bees and wild pollinators.




Environmental justice

Friends of the Earth Canada stands on guard for people and the planet. Our focus on environmental justice takes a holistic approach to environmental issues. Many people from vulnerable communities are on the front lines, confronting the health and environmental impacts of toxic contaminants. We take action to confront polluters, and stand in solidarity with marginalized communities.



GreenMountainWindFarm_Fluvanna_2004Climate and energy

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. How we respond to this threat will shape our lives and livelihoods for decades to come. Friends of the Earth supports urgent action on climate change, and raises awareness about the health and environmental impacts. Our ground-breaking legal challenges have put pressure on the federal government and big polluters.




Water is central to our health, economy and future prosperity. Faced with increased demand, continuing contamination and the impact of global warming, it’s time for far-reaching changes in our relationship with water and how we use it. Our recent work has focused on the threats posed by Asian carp, an invasive species that could threaten the Great Lakes.




Biodiversity in Canada is unique and irreplaceable, whether boreal forest, wetlands, or tall grass prairie. It is necessary to exercise caution when pursuing any policy or development that will impact biodiversity. Projects must prove that they are truly necessary and there is no other alternative. Nature cannot be replaced once destroyed. Offsetting cannot avoid biodiversity loss.