Turning aged IT assets into a donation for Friends of the Earth’s Green Circle Fund

1. Your company and Friends of the Earth representatives discuss broad details, such as the handling of data-bearing assets (electronics) and logistical considerations.

2. Your company provides Friends of the Earth and Compugen’s Green4Good program with a detailed asset list (make/model of electronic items), and the condition the items are in (working/non-working).

3. Your company prepares the donated items by skidding and shrink-wrapping.

4. Compugen arranges for pick-up.

5. Donated assets arrive at Compugen and are reconciled against asset list provided.

6. Assets are tested, data-wiped (to US Dept. of Defense standards), and sorted into two categories: re-sellable after refurbishing and non re-sellable. The proceeds which will go to Friends of the Earth are based on net proceeds after re-sellable assets are refurbished and go into inventory to sell. Certificates of data-destruction are provided to the donor and non re-sellable assets are sent to Compugen’s OES-approved recycling partner for 100 per cent recycling. Recycler provides certificates of destruction to the donor.

7. Compugen remits net proceeds to Friends of the Earth on your company’s behalf. Friends of the Earth provides tax creditable receipt upon request to your company.

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