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To: Matthew Boswell, Commissioner of Competition

Dear Mr. Boswell,

Re: false and misleading advertising of “flushable” wipes

I’m supporting the important request filed May 1, 2019 by Friends of the Earth, represented by Ecojustice asking the Competition Bureau to conduct a thorough and rigorous inquiry into the alleged materially false and misleading representations made by manufacturers and distributors of single-use wipes and other consumer products that are advertised and marketed as being “flushable” when, in fact, the products are not safe for disposal by being flushed down the toilet.

In addition to costs to municipalities, improper disposal of single-use products causes significant environmental harm. Wipes and other non-flushables escape into streams, rivers and lakes when sewer systems are clogged or overloaded.

Flushable wipes in the sewer system also contribute microfibres, synthetic and plastic, to sewage sludge which is typically converted to biosolids applied to farmlands.

I’m asking you to make full use of the tools at your disposal to stop these kind of claims by fining the companies your maximum fine of $10 million for each product that is falsely and misleadingly labelled as flushable.