A special bulletin from Madame Bumble Bee

Leading The Bee Cause

As I buzz around cities and towns looking for pollen and nectar in flowering plants, I love to stop by front lawns and gardens to see what goodies I can find.

Not only do I see plenty of beautiful flowers and plants, but I also come across lots of friendly people hosting yard sales. From outgrown bicycles and toys to last year’s garden containers, it’s great to see someone planning to re-use or re-purpose another person’s stuff.

As we approach the spring season, here’s a question from me and all other bees: are you planning to have a yard sale?


If you are ­– and if you love bees – why not use Friends of the Earth’s yard sale kit to help raise awareness and funds to help save wild, native bees across Canada?

We’re all up against big stresses like habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and diseases, and we need all the help that we can get to continue to visit your garden.

In fact, there may be up to 50 native bee species in a typical backyard. And from coast to coast to coast in Canada, there are more than 850 species of us. That’s a lot of us – and we bees could use your help so more people learn about us and how best to protect us.

You can help Friends of the Earth take action to protect bees from bee-toxics pesticides by raising funds at your next yard sale and donating 10% of your yard sale proceeds to help save the bees.  You can download a free yard sale kit that features me – Madame Bumble Bee – in The Bee Cause! And, when you donate 10% of your yard sale proceeds, Friends of the Earth will send you a tax creditable receipt.


Make your yard sale bee-utiful – for me and all my bee friends!




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