Bumble Bee Census Form

As many as one-third of North American bumble bee species are in decline.

The Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count aims to raise awareness about the importance and conservation requirements of Canada’s over 40 species of bumble bees.  Bumble bees are crucial pollinators. Because they are capable of buzz pollination, they are particularly effective at pollinating a number of wildflowers, fruits and vegetables.

By taking part in the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count, you can help us learn more about bumble bees and their needs.

Note: the 2017 Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count has officially wrapped up! Thank you to everyone who contributed as a bumble bee census taker – we look forward to further identifying and confirming the bee species in your photos. Your amazing effort during the census is an important contribution to saving the bees across Canada. Again, thank you!