Our Team

Board of Directors

Stephen Barg, President

Kevin Gallagher,  Treasurer

Toby A. A. Heaps,  Director

Sheldon McLeod,  Director

Arlyle Waring,  Director


Staff Members

Beatrice Olivastri, Chief Executive Officer, beatrice [at] foecanada.org

Karen Cartier, Administrator / Project Coordinator, kcartier [at] foecanada.org

John Bennett, Senior Policy Advisor, johnbennet [at] foecanada.org

Erik Stolpmann, Communications / Campaigns, erik [at] foecanada.org


Staff Members

Joanne Bartosek, Associate

Tasmin Rajotte, Associate



Media and Strategy Advisors

Environmental Communications Options, Don Huff, President http://ecostrategy.ca/


Research Interns 2016

Spring 2016
Harrison Briand
Casson Foster
Sokina Joseph
Karmen Walther

Fall 2016
Harrison Briand
Sofia Karabatsos
Rebecca Merenyi
Dana Taylor


Summer Students 2016 (Research & Outreach)

Harrison Briand
Julie Cook
Frances Grace Fyfe
Mireille Gautheir
Nathalin Moy
Wade Theriault
David Van Olst



Howard M. Borts, Borts and Schijns, LLP Chartered Accountants


We would like to extend our thanks to the dedicated volunteers who have helped us in the past, and everyone who is working with us currently to create a safer world for future generations.