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Canada needs a systematic approach to assessing pesticides ‎that is open, transparent and independent of industry. This announcement to halt the issuing of condition registration of pesticides should be the first of many announements on what Health Canada will do to fix the way pesticides are assessed and to reassure us they have the scientific capacity needed to conduct independent assessments.

Join me in speaking directly to Health Minister Philpot.  Let her know we appreciate getting rid of conditional registrations but it’s only a first step.

Letter to Minister of Health Philpott

  • TO: Hon. Jane Philpott, Minister of Health

    Jane Philpott, Minister of Health

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  1. Barrie Gilbert says:


  2. daniel duranleau says:

    GOOD work keep it up.

  3. Arlyle Waring says:

    Great work Friends of the Earth! Your leadership on this issue has born fruit. FOOD SECURITY is a critical issue. I, and many Canadians have hope that the new government will respond and move us forward on this. Please keep up the campaign.

  4. Agneta Sand says:

    I can not figure out what their solution is! Who is going to be a pollinator?
    Or is everything growing now going to be replaced with something that is self fertile?
    What a sad outlook for our beautiful world!

  5. margo may taylor says:

    every little bit helps and it grows quicker than you think and for the sake of all bees let this be so …

  6. Andre Piver MD says:

    The steady erosion of funding for basic science research including very much generally with respect to human health, pesticides, herbicides, orphan drugs, immunotherapy and pharmaceuticals has brought us into a Dark Age. This is the larger context that must be addressed. Having 98% of research being “applied” science only, funded by the private sector, perverts graduate students experience, university faculty as well as our knowledge base for making informed decisions.

    This is the broader issue that must be addressed.

  7. Robert Stiven says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to be in solidarity with other Canadians who are earth friendly.

  8. Nachiko Yokota says:

    Please fix Canada’s pesticide regulations.

  9. Glenda Forward says:

    Canada needs a systematic approach to assessing pesticides ‎that is open, transparent and independent of industry.

  10. Carolyn Crozier says:

    It is also important to study the synergy resulting in the combination of pesticides in the environment. (Much as in medicine we know that various pharmaceuticals can have strong, undesirable effects when taken together.) We don’t know the effect that various pesticides have on each other – or if one magnifies the effect of another.

  11. Scott Blyth says:

    Stand up to big business!!

  12. Steve Rankin says:

    The regulators are too cozy with the regulated. It is never wise to allow the fox to guard the hen house.

    If neonics are proven safe to pollinators including (and more importantly) native wild bee populations then I will support them but the evidence is still lacking which is why we need robust scientific study unfettered by special interests.

  13. lisa says:

    eVERY THING that can be done to preserve the lives of honeybees Must be done.
    Man cannot work around or postpone the solutions to this problem

  14. Franca De Angelis says:

    The sooner we put into effect a safe and appropriate method of using pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers the better chance we have of a sustainable planet.